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From a romantic dinner for two, a girls wine weekend with a cooking class, rehearsal dinners and receptions, Life's a Feast will customize the event to fit your needs, from planning to set-up, service through clean up.

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Amazing Oven Roasted Beets

Look for fresh beets, with a bit of stem still attached and very firm. Rinse well and trim stem down to so just a bit of green is showing. Cut the base off, so the beet can sit up.


Take a sheet of alumium foil (or a tagine or veggie roaster if you have it)

Place beets, bottom side down, in center of foil.

Drizzle nicely with a good quality olive oil

Splash with orange juice

Salt and pepper


Wrap foil up tightly and place in a 350 degree preheated oven for 55-60 minutes.

Remove from oven and let cool

Remove from foil, use paper towel to wipe skin from beets. cut top off and sliced or dice as needed.

Save the beet oil and make an amazing champagne/beet vinaigrette!

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